Society and Health

Organizations which we collaborate

At Embutidos Sarquella, we believe that proper nutrition and exercise are essential for a healthy life. Therefore, we want to help promote these values through collaboration with several entities and the improvement of our products.

We also aim to reduce the amount of fat and salt in some of our products in the coming years. We believe that companies are an important part of society and they need to have a role beyond an economic one. Therefore, we want to collaborate with entities and associations that help to improve society and some of its most unprotected sectors both locally and globally.


Because of this, Embutidos Sarquella collaborates with entities such as Club Natació Banyoles, Bank dels aliments, Centre Excursionista and Marató de TV3.

Together we can make a better world.

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Corporate social responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility of Sarquella is based on achieving sustainable and ethical development, which guarantees the growth of the company and its preservation of resources,

adapting them constantly to the production and expansion model through our professionals.
Able to respond to the needs and demands of society and the company.

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