Quality and service

Embotits Sarquella

Our experience in the elaboration of meat products is very extensive. During all  these years, we have learnt that the most important thing to maintain the trust of our customers is to offer high quality, consistency and great service.

Sarquella pays special attention when selecting raw products and processing them during the production process. Its facilities, located in Banyoles, comply with the quality and food safety standards in force in the EU. The company also has a SAF that approves exports to countries such as Denmark, Chile or Lebanon. As part of our continuous improvement goal and to validate food quality and safety, the company is in the process of attaining IFS certification.


Embutidos Sarquella is very aware that apart from providing products, it provides customers a service. Delivery schedules and even phone support are very important to us. In this sense, we know that the ones who best know about customers’ needs are the customers themselves. Their opinion and advice are essential for the improvement of our products and also of our service.


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